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Our Landscape Services

To keep your valuable landscape investment looking its best, allow Perfection Plus Lawn Care to provide expert care. The skilled and experienced maintenance crews at Perfection Plus Lawn Care can assist in keeping residential and commercial properties looking their best and growing strong.

Custom Lawn Maintenance Programs

Our trained experts can create a custom maintenance program that is economical, effective and long lasting. Maintenance is essential to protecting your landscape investment. Landscaping is an important extension of your home or business. Freshly applied mulch in flowerbeds and other landscaped areas of your property adds value and increases your curb appeal. A professionally maintained property will provide many years of enjoyment. It will also allow you to spend less time weeding and correcting problems and more time doing the things you enjoy most.

Lawn Mowing

Our mowing service will be provided once a week for approximately 30 seasonal cuts, weather permitting, from April through November.

Your lawn will be mowed at a standard height of 3 inches, and the clippings will be recycled back into the lawn to return nutrients to the plants. (Lawns may be bagged at the customer's request for an additional fee.)

Mowing blades are sharpened and changed on our equipment daily to ensure a clean cut and less injury to the grass blades.

Walks and driveways will be edged with string trimmers at a 90-degree angle to ensure a crisp clean appearance. Areas uncut by the mowers will be trimmed with string trimmers at the same height as the other lawn areas. Hard surfaces such as patios, decks, sidewalks and driveways will be blown free of grass clippings.


From new home landscaping to renovation of that dated landscaping, our staff of landscaping professionals are at your service. From small landscaping jobs, to extensive projects, our design professionals have the vision and tools to deliver both quality and style to your landscape.


Perfect Plus Lawn Care offers hardscape design and installation. Our professionals can help you from conception to completion. Please view our gallery for examples of our hardscape work.

We can provide you with outdoor living spaces that include:

Lawn Chemical Applications

Why choose a professional company for your lawn care? Five applications are included in the yearly program.

Spring & Fall Clean-up

Fall Clean-up - Proper lawn care in the fall will yield maximum results the following growing season. Perfection Plus Lawn Care offers a full service fall clean-up which includes removal of all remaining leaves, twigs, debris, etc. We can remove spent annuals, prune shrubs, etc. We can tailor the fall clean-up to meet your needs.

Spring Clean-up - Perfection Plus Lawn Care offers a full-service spring clean-up, which can begin in early March to take care of trimming ornamentals grasses, such as Lirope and Fountain Grass. We will clean out all flowerbeds, to remove any leftover leaves from the previous fall.

Shrub Pruning

Well-timed pruning goes a long way toward improving your landscape investment. There are many good reasons for professional pruning: Properly pruned shrubs and trees not only look more attractive, but also grow healthier and more vigorously. When you prune plants to let in more air and light, surrounding plants and turf grass often benefit. Pruning maintains or reduces the size of the plant and removes dead, diseased, and/or broken branches. Pruning returns plants to their more natural growth patterns and makes them stronger by removing suckers, water sprouts, or other weak limbs and branches. Without pruning, trees and shrubs can outgrow their locations, and become unsightly. Pruning can also remove branches and limbs that might pose a hazard to people, homes, or power lines. Most shrubs can handle a pruning schedule of 2 - 3 times per year.

Core Aeration & Seeding

Aerating your lawn increases air, water, and nutrient movement to the root zone, and helps relieve soil compaction. It also stimulates new growth and improves drainage, which provides a better environment for overseeding. There are many other benefits to aerating your lawn. Aerating and seeding typically takes place from the beginning of September through the end of October.


Landscaping is an important extension of your home or business. Freshly applied mulch in flowerbeds and other landscaped areas of your property adds value and increases your curb appeal.

Mulch is applied at a thickness of 2 inches to provide protection from broadleaf weeds. Available selections include hardwood, cedar, and cypress.

Landscape Bed Maintenance
Keeping landscape beds well maintained adds value and increases the curb appeal of your house and lawn. We can create a custom program for you to help keep your landscaping beds looking their best. We will remove any weeds, cleanup perennials, etc. Essentially, keeping your beds in shape.

Snow Removal
We offer commercial snow removal. Whether you require snow plowing for parking lots, shopping center, home owners association, or office park, we can provide 24-hour snow plowing services. We have equipment that can handle any size property, from sidewalks to large parking lots. Please contact us for more information.

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